Our Mission

Digital Artist, professionally trained in technical and organizational values of the industry. Practical skills and knowledge of working with most updated CGI technologies:

-Solid foundation of micro-pipelines in the game/3D design industry, making reusable artwork based on limitations of off-the-shelf software packages (Direct3D or OpenGL)

-Optimization in game engines, linear algebra, 3D computer graphics, and mathematics

-Lighting in-game scenes with a software-agnostic approach

-Arnold Renderer, cinematic lighting specialized in Autodesk Maya, previous practical knowledge of Mental Ray, C4D built-in Renderer, Physical, and Vray

Ability to collaborate with the team/ multiple supervisors/ report feedback/ Brainstorming/ Project Planning/ Management/ Agile/Shotgun/ Database-driven Pipeline

-Toolset counseling

-Design principles ( Comp, Color, Feel, Sketch, Set Design)

-Camera, Cinematography, Chroma-key Nuke, Special effects: experimental/fully CGI

-Surfacing, concept, and pipeline-wise rendered look

-Research and development of computer-related technologies

Pandemonium: Stramonium Zeitgeist​

Pandemonium: Stramonium Zeitgeist is a visual study of the conflict between catastrophe and security, darkness and light. The story revolves around visually world-shattering image sequences and stories behind it.

David Cronenberg’s Consumed Opening​

David Cronenberg's new flesh: Consumed! Medical animation and VFX design based on Consumed novel The concept is based on consumed the novel.

Pandemonium: Stramonium Zeitgeist

Short narrative design

Technical Director: Alborz Nazari
Co-written: Sebastian Hejankowski
Concept artists: Leonard Curry, Jim Kiefer
Original score: Sebastian Hejankowski
Voice-over artists: Bobby McMillion, Clare Staniforth

David Cronenberg’s Consumed Opening

Medical animation and VFX design
Animation, Concept, and writing: Alborz Nazari
Original score: Stephane Richard based on the KELOID CLINIC album released on Jul 11, 2020.
The music album inspired by David Cronenberg’s body of work (1975-1981)

Our Team

Sebastian Hejankowski ​

Composer behind the X-Eternity project and creates epic orchestral music for movies, games, podcasts and other media

Clare Staniforth

Professional Voice Over Artist and public speaking coach

Bobby McMillion

Voice Over Artist based out of Phoenix, AZ